All training modules of CMI International Group are customer specific, focusing only on the goals and concerns of the group of participants specifically involved, and include materials and conversations concerning specific issues that their organizations and themselves confront daily. The foundations of our training services are a powerful, flexible framework developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project, which we have rigorously tested and improved. It can be applied to the broad spectrum of negotiations or relationships experienced by staff as outside the organization. Most of our training is done through level workshops: Phase I, II, III and advanced and immersion modules.

Unique design in particular areas of negotiation efficiency, such as:

Deal with difficult people and tactics
Long-term construction and strategic relationships
Effective communication
Management of emotions in negotiation - beyond reason Influence and Persuade others
Management of differences in perceptions
Management functions in multiparty negotiations
The creation of value
International negotiations
1. In the design of any training commitment, it is recommended to begin with a diagnostic phase in which we can obtain an in-depth knowledge of the client's business, the internal work dynamics, and the specific challenges faced in the management of negotiations and critical relationships. This allows us to build a workshop with the client, or a series of educational interventions (Workshops Phase I, II, II), which are very focused on the specific needs of the client, his counterpart and his problems.
Si bien los objetivos específicos varían de un cliente a otro, la mayoría busca brindarle a su personal una oportunidad para mejorar las habilidades de análisis, proceso y conducción de negociaciones, para el manejo de relaciones de modo proactivo y para lidiar mejor con las diferencias, y acelerar la transferencia de ese conocimiento a otros dentro de la organización. Al finalizar un taller de capacitación, los participantes tendrán una habilidad mayor para negociar y manejar las relaciones en forma exitosa para sí mismos, a título personal y en nombre de sus organizaciones. Los componentes de esta habilidad incluyen:
° Greater awareness of the generalized aspect of negotiation (ie, how many situations of our daily life, whether inside or outside the workplace, can be thought of as productive as negotiations)
° The process through which they and others negotiate, conduct and build relationships and manage differences
° New conceptual frameworks to think about these issues and prepare to negotiate
° New approaches aimed at handling these challenges
° Improved skills, developed through feedback received during simulations and exercises
° Ability to learn from future experiences.

Before designing a specific training workshop, we talked with the client about their perceptions of what the program should look like, including:

° The specific needs of the future participants
° A program that is most appropriate given the knowledge, skills, experience and previous training in negotiation
° The materials that are most useful to improve the negotiating skills of the participants according to their responsibilities and the complexity of their work environment
° Whether the facilitators of the program should be professionals from CMI International Group, customer personnel or a combination of both.
2. At the organizational level, and for an improvement of the results, training services are required at both the individual and collective levels, for the best results they often require behavioral changes. To this end, the teams of exhibitors and consultants of CMI INTERNATIONAL GROUP, LLC offer:
Help people increase their knowledge of what they are currently doing and the intuitive frameworks built into their negotiation style
They provide new analytical tools and strategies to achieve positive results, and be trained to gain the competence and confidence to do things in a new and more effective way
3.Our unique design of our international workshops in negotiation, conflict resolution, leadership, persuasion taught on the campus of Harvard University with members of different faculties and active members of the prestigious Negotiation Program of Harvard University, make this a unique program of its kind worldwide.
4. Our range of services are constantly expanding to reflect the growing need of our clientele towards diverse and specialized aspects in negotiation skills, persuasion, leadership, communication, emotions, difficult conversations and relationship management. Likewise, we offer "training of trainers" courses to impart these techniques to selected internal personnel, as well as immersion courses for particular situations that require immediate and detailed applications in relationship management.
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