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Interesting and productive are the two qualifiers that best define the workshop. Negotiation is a basic issue for conflict resolution but it is not studied much. That's why I think that workshop is valuable. Jose Ignacio de Moya Rico, Bachelor of Politics, Spain

The short workshop was pleasant and the presentation opens the doors to continue in a much broader and absolutely applicable learning process in all stages and spaces of life.

The management of concepts and experiences accumulated, researched and tested by international experts, transmitted in an effective and sequential manner, opens up the possibilities of (being) conducting comprehensive negotiations to achieve and obtain long-term solutions. Roger A. Rodriguez, Panama, People & Talents, S.A.

My perspective on the issue of negotiation has changed in a positive way. It has broadened my knowledge about how to negotiate and communicate with people, like new work tools. Very useful. Gustavo Nava, USA, McDermott International

Very useful for everyone. The negotiation is in the daily life of the human being. Santiago Bruno, USA, VP Affiliates, Discovery Networks

The course has exceeded all my expectations as far as the scientific elements are concerned. I also took a week with a personal experience that I did not expect. THANK YOU is the word that best expresses my feeling about what I learned and lived. See you! Eduardo (Cabo) Freytes, Argentina, Public Accountant, Freytes Studies

Excellent workshop. Excellent strategies Definitely now we have the tools to make a good negotiation. Melissa Ferrer, United States, Account Executive

Very comprehensive and timely. Kenneth S. Krans, USA, President / CAM Rep. Discovery PR

The workshop is very good, very fun and above all understandable. An excellent tool Domingo Salermo, Argentina, Regional VP of Sales Advertising

The workshop is excellent. The presentation is clear and the interactivity in the sessions makes it enjoyable and the level of attention and interest is stable throughout. Mercedes Dawson, USA, Regional Sales Manager Latam, Discovery Enterprises Intl.

The workshop is excellent and I was introduced to many aspects of the negotiation that I did not take into account before. Fernando Fernandez, United States, Affiliate Sales Planning Manager, Discovery Network

It was critical to have focused on the importance of preparing, that of listening, together with emotional intelligence. Yne Gonzales, USA, Gte. of sales, Discovery Communications Inc.

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