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In its broadest sense, our job is to advise and assist organizations - both in the public and private sectors - in order to be able to manage their working relationships more effectively and profitably. Each group has a portfolio of crucial relationships, both external and internal. These relationships are the strategic vital assets of the organization, however, very often they are mismanaged, misunderstood or ignored, resulting in profoundly negative consequences.
This should not be like this. The range of services offered by CMI International Group represents cutting-edge thinking and practices in relationship management, and each is specifically designed to address the needs of clients and deliver tangible results. Whether you use one or all of your services, the core competencies of CMI International Group are designed to allow individuals and organizations as a whole to optimize the value of important relationships and learn how to manage and negotiate better to gain greater value. .
The provision of reference services is a science and an art, the combination of proven technology and carefully polished skills, backed by decades of successful implementation. The tools and techniques we use are the result of years of direct experience and a relentless commitment to the improvement of what we offer.
As consultants, we work to develop a global strategy to maximize the capacity of organizations to obtain optimal value in important relationships. Whether as non-partisan or partisan advisers to one or more parties, we help achieve optimal results from a specific negotiation.
As coaches, we provide the necessary resources so that people and institutions can improve their skills to build, maintain and improve successful relationship management, even in the most demanding environments.

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