Assistance and Transactional Assessment

I served you hair CMI International Group in transactional assistance environments, usually concentrating on facilitating, mediating or monitoring a certain event or "transaction", a international armed conflict or a dispute over procedures between groups. within a small company. When there is a specific problem that involves important relationships that, in another way, will be solved by means of conflicts or litigations, to adequate transactional assistance.
In providing these services, we work primarily as consultants for parties, facilitators and trainers in a collaborative meeting with clients, whose objective is to provide solutions that work for a given event. Our intervention can not take place in any system or system. In two cases, the participation and influence of CMI International Group will limit the objectives of one or more of the parties, as well as consultants for all parties, in which case it is considered appropriate and agreed. with or result desired by all parties.
Our transaction services assistance menu covers three different services, which can be used individually or together to cover a specific transaction. These are:
° Planning and preparation, together with the client, of strategic negotiations.
°Facilitation of negotiations and mediation of conflicts.
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