About us?

Our mission is to help people within organizations to achieve their goals through collaboration to maximize the power of their work relationships, through the best negotiation processes.
Now more than ever, companies and organizations in both the public and private sectors operate in environments of increasing interconnection and interdependence. Corporate strategists and organizational design experts have realized that the ability to effectively create and manage close working relationships with other organizations increasingly represents a crucial component of competitive advantage.
CMI International Group provides advice and training to individuals and organizations around the world on issues of interpersonal relationships in both commercial, political and personal areas in the areas of negotiation, persuasion, mediation, leadership, communication, emotion management, difficult conversations and the management of conflicts; the process by which key associations, both internal and external, are negotiated and managed.
Experience shows again and again that the ability to negotiate, establish harmony, maintain and manage long-lasting and effective interpersonal relationships is of crucial importance to ensure that the objectives of the organization are met, whether in the short or long term . Our extensive practical experience in all aspects of relationship management has made us, worldwide, one of the most prominent organizations in the exercise of these skills. We feed ourselves permanently, and we grow based on the wealth of knowledge and experience of our professionals, and we provide advice and techniques backed by experience, implanting them in a unique way for each client.
In order to meet the needs of a growing multinational and international client, CMI International Group was incorporated in 1997 as an independent entity from its parent organization, Conflict Management, Inc. CMI Harvard negotiation, established in 1978 by Roger Fisher, perhaps the most recognized authority in regards to negotiation. Since 1984, these organizations have worked side by side, providing tools for superior management of interpersonal relationships and a distinction between clients. In 1997, CMI International Group was a relationship management and negotiation services company, training and intervention in transaction management. and operations.

What do we do?

CMI International Group It provides clients in both the public and private sectors with the necessary tools to maximize strategic relationships between parties. In short, the essential thing in any organization is a solid working relationship that is a vital element to increase and maintain profitability and effective management at all levels. Our experience has shown that the relationships themselves can be improved and maintained through a thorough evaluation and qualitative and quantitative application of proven procedures. By employing these tools,CMI International Group helps organizations improve their ability to manage relationships, negotiate effectively, develop successful strategies and transform them into direct results that not only improve and channel valuable relationships, but also save time, money and resources.
Our consulting efforts are customized according to the needs of each client and generally focus on the design of realistic solutions and immediate implementation for long-term negotiation and interpersonal relationships. As neutral advisors, we provide both facilitation, negotiation or mediation services to assist one or more parties in the preparation of the start or resumption of negotiations with third parties, either internally or externally.
CMI training services are recognized throughout the world as a proven means to achieve superior management in terms of relationships and the techniques of negotiation, persuasion and conflict management both at a personal and organizational level.

How we work?

CMI International Group brings to its work two sets of resources: tools and analytical theories, pragmatic and proven over time, developed through collaborative style relationships; and extensive direct experience in the application of the aforementioned methodology. Extensive academic research and a thorough understanding of the various ways in which people consider interpersonal relationships are applied to the conditions and daily issues that arise around public and private sector entities. We take pride in our ability to assess and respond to the needs of our clients in a decisive and realistic way, and we believe that listening is as important as speaking. Whether as consultants, consultants or trainers, we work in the same environment in which our clients work, and we model our efforts to be immediately applicable to their situations.
CMIIG works collaboratively with its clients, adjusting their resources according to their needs, our work begins by immersing ourselves in their industry or business and understanding their organization, far from imposing a canned solution, we believe that each problem deserves a unique and specific solution; therefore, one of our greatest pride is our ability to respond to the needs of our customers in a flexible and above all realistic way.
The basis of all our work is a powerful combination of theoretical research and practical experience, which can be applied to the whole spectrum of problems faced by our clients in relation to the management of interpersonal relationships. Whether designing a training workshop, acting as mediators or facilitators for the parties in a negotiation, or performing consulting tasks in a wide range of issues.
CMI International Group uses a collaborative approach, ensuring careful attention to customer objectives. This allows us to improve communication, eliminate unproductive dynamics in workplaces, create viable procedures, and develop better working relationships. Commitment to our clients does not culminate in mere advice: we work together to implement the changes that will produce tangible results and provide the foundation for managing qualitative interpersonal relationships in the future.

What we offer?

Our primary and most outstanding commitment has always been to provide our clients with a plan that is appropriate to their situation, comprehensive and realistic by means of which they can satisfy their needs for relationship management and negotiation. As consultants, we work to develop a global strategy and an improved capacity to maximize the value obtained by all parties in the important relationships of our clients. As neutral mediators and facilitators for one or more parties, we assist in achieving optimal results from each specific negotiation. As trainers, we provide the necessary resources to train people and institutions in the development and maintenance of successful skills for the management of interpersonal relationships.
CMIIG structures its relationship with clients through specific projects that guarantee those, always obtain added value from the services provided, we concentrate our efforts on providing the best advice and training in what we are experts: negotiation, mediation, leadership, mediation and management of significant work relationships.
Our experience and focused dedication assures our clients that they are receiving the best service and added value in this field, which is why we maintain profitable long-term relationships with them.
The clients of CMI International Group benefit from improving their ability to analyze and conduct negotiations, to manage relationships among people, to make up differences within their organizations, and to accelerate the transfer of knowledge to others within them. This entails an increased awareness about the importance and function of managing relationships in daily life, as well as the process by which it is governed to obtain the maximum benefit. New conceptual schemes are also provided to think about associations, and new approaches to achieve optimal results within them. In addition, these skills are developed and polished to be used in real work environments, and clients can apply them to future experiences under any circumstances.

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